Update to Mersive Solstice Pod Version 2.8

The 2.8 software update for the Solstice Pod includes significant performance improvements for sharing high-resolution devices (beyond 1080p) and new dynamic smart-streaming for optimal performance on high-volume networks.

The 2.8 release also includes new Solstice Enterprise Edition capabilities delivered via the Solstice Dashboard. The new Enterprise Edition features include the ability to update Solstice Pods behind a network firewall and the ability to post RSS feeds to Solstice display welcome screens.

In addition to the Solstice Pod update, 2.8 software updates are also available for the Solstice Dashboard and for all user client apps, which include additional features and enhancements. For more details about Solstice version 2.8, view the release notes. 

You can download the new update for your Solstice Pod through the Pod's Configuration Panel, or Enterprise Edition Pods can be updated from the Solstice Dashboard. In order to complete the software update, your Pod(s) must have current software maintenance. 

For technical issues updating your Pod, please contact Mersive Support.
For Mersive product-related questions and documentation, visit the Mersive Customer Support Portal at customersupport.mersive.com.

Thank you,
The Mersive Team

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