AV Sales Veteran, Toby Daschbach Launches New Rep Firm - Metro Tech Reps

Metro Tech Reps seeks key product lines to take advantage of synergistic selling.

New York, NY, (October 5, 2016) METRO TECH REPS – With almost 30 years of sales experience in electronic systems and design solutions, Toby Daschbach, formerly of Sapphire Marketing, has announced the introduction of Metro Tech Reps, the newest manufacturers rep firm to serve the New York metro area. Metro Tech Reps is currently interviewing manufacturers to develop a comprehensive and prominent offering of innovative solutions for New York’s most successful consultants and system integrators.

For the consultant and integrator, Metro Tech Reps brings extensive experience to be the go-to resource for their clients regarding project status, product selection, and ensuring technical assistance. Metro Tech Reps is committed to solving the problem of getting the products and support needed to ensure success in even the most complex jobs. For the manufacturer, Metro Tech Reps will help to solve the challenge of getting products specified. Metro Tech Reps will engineer the choice of product lines to take advantage of synergistic selling and get manufacturers maximum exposure.

Owner, Toby Daschbach is an award-winning sales rep with extensive expertise in some of the most multifaceted and dynamic system designs in the marketplace.

“I’ve been prepping for this opportunity since the day my first boss told me to buy a suit and don’t tell anybody I was 19. That was 27 years ago! Success drives me, and launching my own rep firm has been a long time dream,” explains Toby Daschbach, Metro Tech Reps, owner. “The timing was finally right for me to hang my own shingle. With the right products and solutions to represent, I know that I will be helping my clients be successful too.”

ABOUT METRO TECH REPS – Founded in 2016, Metro Tech Reps is a manufacturers rep firm in the Pro AV and Integrated Systems Design market serving the New York metro area. For more information about Metro Tech Reps – visit www.metrotechreps.com or call 212-392-5404.